Our Partners

Chart Industries & Hyzon Motors

Trojan is partnering with industry experts to deliver reliable, emissions free transportation and servicing equipment. This expertise will allow
for the seamless rollout of a large network of LH2 Fuel Stations, along with scalable supply lines to ensure fuel availability at all times.

Chart Industries

Chart Industries will provide a large amount of material needed for the deployment of the renewable network in Australia. Trojan currently has MOU’s for the delivery of 100 LH2 Fuel Stations, which will form the backbone for the expansion of hydrogen in the personal and commercial vehicle industry. Chart will also provide newly designed, specialized trailers for storing compressed hydrogen during its transportation. This partnership will allow for the expansion of the Australian hydrogen industry both at home and abroad.

Hyzon Motors

Trojan is partnering with Hyzon and has established MOU’s for an initial delivery of 50 prime movers. The introduction of hydrogen powered trucks accomplishes multiple goals, primarily the elimination of harmful transportation emissions and the addition of another market for renewable hydrogen to expand into. The partnership also provides a prime example to the wider logistics industry in the capability of hydrogen to power the next generation of movers entering the global fleet.

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