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Trojan H2 logistics

Trojan Logistics is the leader of hydrogen transportation in Australia. Trojan will facilitate a unique supply chain that will advance the transition of the transportation industry towards a sustainable, low carbon system.

Trojan’s innovative supply chain harnesses the potential to bring carbon emissions to zero for the transport and heating industries with large-scale consumption of hydrogen as a new energy source. These extraordinary undertakings will bring a multitude of benefits to residents across the country. Trojan has forecasted significant revenues; with anticipated returns of $25M by 2024 and $100M by 2027.

Supply Chain

Australia’s landmass affords it almost infinite opportunities to harness solar and wind power. Such early success has generated substantial domestic and international investment into the critical renewable hydrogen market. Trojan Logistics has established an industry leading national supply chain for the development of hydrogen as a national resource.


Trojan Logistics has established an impressive emissions-free logistical network. With their partners, they are developing and deploying a series of fuel stations and transport solutions that will afford seamless integration of hydrogen into existing systems across Eastern Australia.


Trojan is working towards the complete transformation of the ground transportation industry. To accomplish this, the company is establishing refuelling stations across Eastern Australia for its fleet of fuel cell technology (FCEV) hydrogen-fuelled trucks, which further reduces its negative impact on carbon pollution. Transportation of hydrogen requires the gas to be stored under pressure and delivered as a compressed gas or liquified. This process requires specialized care for safe and effective development. Trojan is committed to fostering the safe and expedient development of this crucial investment in the national economy.

Storage Facilities

Trojan Logistics is investing in a comprehensive network of storage facilities across the Eastern swathe of Australia. These developments will establish Australia as the industry leader, working to quickly accelerate the decarbonization of the transportation and logistics industry.


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